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The Mafia party game originated in Russia, and it knows a lot of variations. Here on livejournal mafia is a popular game to play.

How does it work?

Players are secretly assigned roles: either "assassins", who know each other; or "innocents", who know only the number of assassins amongst them. In the game's "night" phase the assassins covertly 'murder' an innocent, in their own assassin’s chat. During the day phase, all of the surviving players debate the identities of the assassins and vote to lynch a suspect. However, if the voting ends up in a tie, no one dies.

Play continues until all of the assassins have been eliminated, or until the assassins outnumber the innocents.

This Mafia is all about NCIS and NCIS: LA. You can sign up as any character, dead or alive, good or bad. Before the game starts, you will receive a PM with your role and affiliation from our mod accounts (ncismafiagod and ncismafiamod)

The daytime roles and main game will run from 7am EST to 7 pm EST (1am GMT to 1pm GMT).
The rules may sound a bit strict, but it ensures safe game play for each and every one of us.

1) We all hate inactive players, so you’re allowed to miss two nights in a row. After no sign of life in those two days, you will be godded. You signed up for the game, why aren’t you participating?

2) If you’re caught cheating, it’s game over for you and you will be fed to whatever bad guy is available in the Mod’s head. We do not tolerate you talking about this game in other mafia games and chat rooms.

3) You are welcome to portray your character any way you wish; IC or RP. Do keep in mind that not everyone has cute and fluffy characters and can be downright rude. See next rule.

4) If you have a problem with any player, don’t hesitate to talk to the mods. However do not duke it out in the game itself. We all play in a different way; do not take it personal when someone wants to defend him/herself when accused. We can assure you that things can and will be easily resolved in a civilized way.

5) Assassin characters are only allowed in their chats during night time game sessions.

6) When an innocent dies, you have two days of ghosting and can still look for the killers (you’re not allowed to vote but you can still participate and manipulate the game to try to help innocents). Assassins will also have two days of ghosting but that’s it. You can’t manipulate the game.

7) The only person who’s allowed to reveal their role is the seer. They can always choose not to. If everyone else even hints at their role during posts you’ll be fed to the wildlife found in a nearby forest.

8) When posting in active game play, whether it be during daytime or nighttime roles, you must use an icon of your selected character and sign your post as your selected character.

*Rules found and amended from the various other mafia games around LiveJournal.
mafia game roles our affiliates & credits
Primary Innocents:
NCIS Agents: General innocents with no special skills.
SECNAV: During night roles, SECNAV may ask about a player. SECNAV will only find out if someone is either good or evil.
Medic: Innocent who can protect/heal other innocents during an attack.
Director: Appears guilty to SECNAV but is actually innocent.
Vigilante: During night roles, the Vigilante may target a player that is to be killed the following morning. The Vigilante only has three bullets.

Primary Mafia:
Assassins: General mafia members with no special skills.
Mastermind: Appears innocent to SECNAV, but is actually evil.
Caf!Pow Dealer: During night roles, the dealer may target an innocent to drink large amounts forcing the victim to visit the dentist for cavities. The target may only speak in images/gifs during next daytime role and cannot vote.

Extra Roles (round mod may or may not add these roles to active list):
Medical Examiner: Can survive the first night attack but when targeted a second time, the ME dies.
Judas: When targeted, the Judas becomes an assassin.
Fool: Can't ever vote, however chooses a different player during the night to vote for him the next day.
Mossad Agent: Cannot be killed by the assassins. If they try to kill a Mossad Agent, a random assassin will be killed. If a psychic/seer investigates this agent, their chance of survival decreases by 50%.

Bartender: During night roles, the barman can select one player to be drunk the next day. That drunk may only speak gibberish during the day and cannot vote.
KGB Agent: During night roles, the KGB can ask about any innocent's role, however, the success rate is 50%.
The Bomb: If killed, he/she takes a random innocent to his/her grave with them.
Innocent/Assassin Sibling: Unknown to each other, these two players are linked. If one is killed/lynched, the other dies as well. They do not know each other's identities.

Interested in becoming an affiliant/sister community?

Email us at meekobuggy@gmail.com


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